Other Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I visit your shop in person?
    No. Fabric Paradise exists only as a 'virtual' store on the internet -- we do not have a storefront location.
  2. I live locally (near Bloomfield, Connecticut); can I pick up my order to save on shipping?

    Yes, we can arrange for contactless pickup!  Just give us a call at 860-243-8881 before ordering to make arrangements.
  3. Can you send me free samples of the fabrics in which I'm interested?
    Sorry, we no longer offer free samples due to time and cost constraints. You can, however, order 1/2 yard cuts of any fabrics in which you're interested...simply enter ".5" in the 'buy' box.
  4. Your picture of the fabric shows about 9 inches across the print; does that mean the fabric print repeats every 9 inches?
    No; the tape measure(s) on the fabric scan are accurate and are intended as a tool to give you an idea of the SCALE of the print; repeats vary from print to print. In many cases, you can determine how often the design repeats simply by looking at those tape measures. However, in some cases the repeat is larger than our scan - in these cases, if you need to know the exact repeat of any print, please contact us at 1-877-ELKAFAB or via email: Elka@FabricParadise.com and we will be happy to supply that information.
  5. What is the orientation of the fabric as shown on your site? (in other words, where are the selvedges (finished edges) of the fabric?
    In general, most prints run across the WIDTH of the fabric. The finished edges are on the LEFT and RIGHT of the fabric as shown on our site. Wherever there is an exception to this, we have described and titled the fabric as a "vertical" print, which means the stripe or main design runs PARALLEL to the finished edge, in other words, the LENGTH of the fabric.
  6. Do you have a catalog?
    No. Because the availability of novelty print fabrics is typically limited (most fabrics are printed once and sold out within a month or two) a printed catalog wouldn't be practical. We do, however, update our on-line catalog daily, so please check back often!
  7. Do you sell or trade customer information with others?
    NEVER. At Fabric Paradise, we never sell, trade or otherwise share your information (your name/address/phone/email address) with ANYONE, EVER.
  8. I see a place on my order form where I can enter a coupon code; how can I obtain a coupon?
    We periodically run coupon sales; to receive notice of these offers, please sign up for our newsletter by providing your email address in the "subscribe" box at the top right of our site.
  9. Do you sell wholesale?
    No, Fabric Paradise is a virtual (internet only) RETAIL fabric shop. We do not sell wholesale.